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About me

My name is Bettina Müller and I am the founder/CEO of the Düsseldorf as well as Mallorca Concierge Service.

I love to organise, juggle, excite, be creative, surprise, support, research, prepare, develop, communicate, improvise, and so on and so forth... with heart, mind and strength. I have been successfully in this business since 1994 as a freelancer for internationally renowned companies as well as owner-managed companies. I very much enjoy the work, which is highly diversified, communicative and never boring.

To top it all with sun, beach and palm trees, in 2008 I started the Mallorca Concierge Service as Mallorca's first German agency of its kind. And because I enjoyed this even more and because it was so well received, I now also run the Düsseldorf Concierge Service.

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